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We are honored to have received this story


Dear Have 2 Have It,

Our sweet baby had a heart attack at the age of 3 months.  They immediately performed open heart surgery which saved her life.  The only way she would settle down during her two months in ICU was if she was on her “so soft” blanket.

Since then she has returned to the hospital once and her “so soft” again helped comfort her through the testing.  We are so blessed and grateful to report that she is now nearly 18 months old and a happy healthy little girl.  She is still Very attached to her “so soft” blanket and even uses it to comfort her baby dolls.

Thank you for giving her something very special to hold on to during the tough times as well as the terrific ones!




Have to Have it products featured in gift giving guides, and articles:

Pregnancy & Newborn Magazine featured us in their comprehensive ‘Guide to Gear’ this spring (2014).


We were also featured in OK! Magazine’s holiday guide for ‘ Celebrity Baby & Belly’.

Here’s an article from San Antonio Living:

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By Monica Nino, San Antonio Living

SAN ANTONIO – It’s not often I find a gift that is unique, reasonably priced and practical for my loved ones. When I came across the Ear-resistible bunnies and puppies at a boutique shopping event, I knew they were that unique gift I was looking for!

A company called Have 2 Have It out of Dallas handcrafts each Ear-resistible bunny and puppy. You’re probably wondering..”What is this ‘Ear-resistible’ bunny and puppy she’s talking about?” Good question! Here’s the answer….They are floppy-eared, overstuffed bunnies and puppies you can give an infant, toddler or little one. Sure, it makes a great decor stuffed animal in their bedroom or a cozy thing to snuggle with as they watch a movie, but it also is the tooth fairy’s best friend. Why? The snout is actually a secret pocket where the child can place their tooth for the tooth fairy to find their tooth. Smart, huh?

The genius of the products doesn’t stop there. Have 2 Have It also makes blankets, travel pillowcases, baby pillowcases, burp pads and so much more for boys and girls. Everything is 100% machine washable and baby safe. There aren’t any removable parts and everything is soft, so it won’t scratch a baby’s face. One of my favorite  items is called a Lovie. It’s a tiny blanket your baby or child can carry around or use in the car for a quick nap. Everything can be embroidered with a nickname, first name or special message. The fabrics are unique and come in minky, minky satin or minky dot and fun colors and patterns.

If you’re already thinking ahead to Valentine’s Day, this would be a great gift for your sweetie. You can monogram your sweetie’s name in the Ear-resistible bunny or puppy’s ear or use it as an Easter bunny for your little one. It’s also a great way to keep track of how much your baby has grown. Take their picture next their bunny or puppy every month the first year of their life. Then you have a timelined snap shot of how much they grew alongside their bunny or puppy. The possibilities are endless!